Class Notes and Handouts

Class NumberTitleNotes LinkVideo Link
201A survey of late 16th Century Spanish Women’s Headwear of the Nobility
202Pedro el Cruel/Pedro el Justiciero: Es Complicado Handout
203The Geometry of the AlhambraHandout
204Classical Court Dance of al-Andalus
206Gowns of the Golden Age: A survey of Spanish Women’s Court Gowns between the years 1560 and 1585
207Pastéis de leite: Redacting the original Portuguese Custard Tart
208Introduction to Iberian HeraldryHandout
209My Ukulele is a GuitarHandout
210The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba
211Pouches & purses – Who wore what when?Handout
212Olla Podrida: A full meal in one potExcel
213Horses of Iberia
214La Cantigas de Santa Maria
215Women Without a Man: Widowhood in 13th century SpainHandout
Slide deck
217The comprehensive beauty care in 11th century: From the treatise of Al-Andalus physician, Al-Zahrawi.Not recorded
218Apples of Love: A brief exploration of the history of aubergines in Iberia
219Three Spanish recipes from Ruperto de Nola (Part 1)Handout
220The perfumery handbook of Al-Zahrawi: How to perfume everyone and everything in 11th century Al-Andalus.Not recorded
22116th Century Music in the New World: A Blending of WorldsNot recorded
222 Waging War in High-Medieval Castile Handout
224El Greco and Beyond: An overview of the famous painters and their works from 1400-1600 on the Iberian peninsulaSlidedeck
225Names from al-AndalusHandout
226Names and Naming Practice in the Spanish DomainHandout
2272 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits, a Dollar: Overview and impacts of silver mining in Colonial Spanish America
228Let’s Play a Doumbek! Doumbek Cheat Sheet
229The OTHER Cantigas
230Women’s patterns in the book by Juan de Alcega
232Entertainment and Spectacle in Iberian Mounted TournamentsHandout
233Iberian fencing: Destreza and Vulgar
234Making 16th C Spanish Bragas
235The Visigothic Kingdoms of Iberia
236A Century of Portugal in JapanHandout
237Spotter’s Guide to Iberian CeramicsHandout
238The Gowns of the St Auta Altarpiece
239Traitor, Temptress, Mother: Interpretations of Dona Marina and the Fall of the Aztec Empire
240Crypto-Jews of the Iberian PenninsularHandout
241Iberian Influences on Japanese Cookery
243Gadir to New Carthage: Phoenicians in Spain
244Spagnoletta, or What the Italians thought of Spanish DanceHandout
245Three Spanish recipes from Ruperto de Nola (Part 2)Handout
246Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya Virtual Museum Visit
248The clothing and ornamentation of Iberia during the Iron AgeNot recorded
249Ancient Iberia and its role in the Mediterranean world during the Iron AgeNot recorded
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